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Anna Burns Now Engaged To Wes Welker, So Here’s A Photo Gallery (Of Her)

Wes: "I know! Crazy, right?"

Yeah, sorry to all of those expecting a Wes Welker photo gallery. Maybe next time.

Sad news to report for all you gals out there who like gritty football players who play with a lot of grit and stuff: word on the street (via the Boston Herald‘s Inside Track) is that New England Patriots gritty wide receiver Wes Welker has decided to stop living in sin with his special lady friend and has asked for the lovely Miss Hooters International 2005’s hand in marriage.

Inside Track writes that “details are sketchy” at the moment, and here are some of those sketchy details:

Anna, a former Miss Hooters International 2005, had asked for a Cartier love bracelet for Christmas. Apparently Tom Brady’s go-to guy came up with an even better play, ponying up a big fat diamond. Details are sketchy, but we can tell you the couple has recently moved from Boston down to the burbs by Foxboro, where they will settle down.

The speedy receiver and the gorgeous brunette have been together for more than two years. Their first public outing was at the Patriots’ loss to the Baltimore Ravens in the 2010 playoffs. It was a week after Welker’s season-ending knee injury, and the couple watched the action from a suite at Gillette.

Anna was by her boo’s side for his surgery and rehab, and the two have been living together ever since. He makes her breakfast in bed. She made him flannel pajamas with cowboy boots on them for Christmas. He says she thinks his biggest flaw is, “I don’t sleep enough.” (Well, that’s Wes’ story and he’s stickin’ to it …)

Although the couple is pretty low-key, they have been spotted at the Miss Hooters International pageant down in Florida and at the local Whole Foods buying ingredients for eggplant parm.

Ah yes, eggplant parm. The most sensual of all the parms.

Okay, without further ado, here’s that photo gallery I promised.

Congrats to the newly engaged couple. May they have years of gritty happiness. Or just happiness.