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Wow, Sammy Sosa Looks Great, If ‘Great’ Means ‘Horrifyingly Disturbing’ (Photos)

A few years ago, Sammy Sosa caused a bit of a stir when photos surfaced of him where his face appeared extremely ashen, something he blamed on a “skin rejuvenation process” and later said in an interview with Univision that poor lighting contributed to the seemingly strange look to his skin tone and insisted that he didn’t think he looked “like Michael Jackson.”

Well, much in the way Sosa argued he first time around as to why his face looked all weird, recent photos cast his appearance in an unflattering light (via Busted Coverage) of Mr. Sammy Sosa at a baseball event in Colombia, where the skin tone of his face seems to be even paler than it was the last time.

Additional evidence follows.

Yikes. Forget epidermis, more like epi-DERP!-is, am I right?

While Sosa is free to do as he pleases as it relates to the conditioning and treatment of his skin, all I’m going to say is if he’s getting the product that doing whatever it is doing to is face from a medical professional, he might want to part ways with the Dr. Frankenstein of Dermatology, because as mean as it may be to point out, the guy looks like a complete freak of nature.