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Wanna See The ‘Leaked’ GoDaddy Super Bowl Ad? Of Course You Do Or Don’t (Video)

Just covering my bases and hedging my bets with that headline. Because, yes, in a way, we do want to see the ad, but in a way similar to how we would enjoy driving by an accident that occurred when a car-full of hot chicks rear ended a car full of clowns. It’s interesting and all and well worth a look, and we hope that everyone is alright, but more than anything, it’s mainly for awkward gawking purposes only.

Well, well, well, another Super Bowl advertising blitz is upon us, so of course that means we are granted the embarrassing thrill of another ad featuring Danica Patrick and that scary personal trainer lady, whatever her name is. In this installment, the gals are doing some nude body painting because that’s how GoDaddy entices halfwits to sign up for their internet domain registrar service. I’m not entirely certain that’s the kind of business they are still engaging in because, along with not availing myself of GoDaddy’s services, I have also stopped checking the email account I had set up on, which is where I had all my GoDaddy business announcements being forwarded to, not to mention that email address was the contact address where my NetZero dialup internet service was registered through 10 years ago.

Moving on, the commercial is pimping GoDaddy’s brand-spanking-new .co domain. Granted, when we are afforded a gander at the model, we discover that she is quite the comely gal, but the efforts of Danica and Jillian Michaels (that’s her name! Don’t hurt me!) to adequately cover up said comely gal’s naughty bits came up way short — at least for Super Bowl audiences — so if you want to SEE MORE NOW, you’ll have to visit GoDaddy’s website, but beware: WARNING! WEB CONTENT UNRATED! HARF! HARF! HARF!

[H/T Warming Glow]