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Taiwanese Animation Gives Sage Advice On What Makes A Good Super Bowl Ad (Video)

Obviously, we have had a grand time with the wonderful work performed by the folks at NMA World Edition relating to their Taiwanese Animation Treatments of the prevailing sports news of the given day. But their latest installment actually provides a valuable service to advertisers desperate to come up with a winning concept for their Super Bowl ads and to ensure that the millions of dollars invested in them is not wasted.

NMA World Edition suggests the following can’t-miss concepts:

  • cute babies WITH animals (E*Trade)
  • a plethora of hot girls, preferably with “XXX” censored over their goodies (Go Daddy)
  • man getting kicked in the junk by a mule with a case of beer on its back (Bud Light?)
  • bullfrogs (Bud Light, again)
  • Betty White getting pummeled — and apparently, quite seriously injured and writhing in pain — while playing football (Snickers)
  • that “Mayhem” dude getting beaten to death with a huge life insurance check wielded by one Dennis Haysbert, who then proceeds to make out with a grieving bride (Allstate)

And finally, if all else fails, NMA World Edition suggest advertisers simply reference Star Wars, even if the franchise has nothing to do with your product, which is illustrated by a couple crying because Darth Vader threw the Emperor down a shaft and onto their Volkswagen.

Geez, these Taiwanese animators understand us better than we understand ourselves. But for some reason, they failed to include a reference to Doritos. I guess they don’t fancy nacho cheese and cool ranch flavoring.