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Flyers Goalie’s ‘The Bobrovsky Shuffle’ The Latest NHL-Inspired Dance Craze (Video)

Okay, maybe it’s the only NHL-inspired dance craze in the history of the league — I cannot come up with another one — it’s nevertheless a pretty solid effort.

His excitement understandable following three consecutive saves in the shootout to lift the Philadelphia Flyers to a hard-fought 3-2 victory Tuesday night over the Florida Panthers, netminder Sergei Bobrovsky treated his teammates and the likely disappointed Florida crowd to a bit of a treat when he busted out a little shimmy-shake dance after stoning Mike Santorelli to secure the win.

Whoever runs the Twitter account of the Flyers referred to it as “The Bobrovsky Shuffle,” which is accurate — the dance move is little more than a shuffling back and forth while pumping his arms up and down — but what it lacks in panache and over-the-top exuberance is more than made up for with how the move is appealing due to its understated simplicity. Fantastic work, Sergei Bobrovsky. May your shuffle start a dance craze and be seen on American Bandstand, Solid Gold or even Club MTV some day soon.

What do you mean those shows aren’t on anymore? That’s kooky talk. How do the kids go about learning all the latest and hippest dance moves then? They don’t? What a strange world.