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Duke Will Wear This Pretty Sweet Nike Hyper Elite Platinum Uniform Against Maryland (Pic)

As much as it pains me to say, what with the Duke Blue Devils being the Evil Empire of college basketball and all, the blue-on-grayish-black uniforms the team will wear when they take on the Maryland Terrapins on Feb. 11 are pretty slick.

Created by Nike, what makes these uniforms not only slick but also environmentally conscious is that they are made out of recycled polyester, part of Nike’s ongoing commitment to using more sustainable materials in creating its many products. Going green has never been more profitable, I imagine.


“Nike is committed to producing top-of-the-line performance attire with reduced sacrifice to the environment,” said Phil Cook, Nike’s Brand Manager for Basketball. “With our Nike Hyper Elite Platinum design, Nike is maintaining its long-standing obligations to our fans to not only produce the best on-court looks but also a design that makes use of the resources we already have.”

The fabric in the shorts are made from 100% recycled polyester while the jerseys are 96% recycled polyester-based. Duke is one of seven men’s college basketball teams who will wear the Nike Hyper Elite Platinum uniforms, with “The University of Arizona, Baylor University (women’s), University of Florida, University of Kentucky, Syracuse University, The University of Connecticut (men’s and women’s) and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill” being the others.

Pretty neat, and the fact that they are created out of recycled polyester has incredible importance and should not be underestimated. We all know what could happen if athletic uniforms were made out of cotton. What occurred after this clip wasn’t the only time Costanza had an issue with shrinkage, although this experience was certainly less traumatizing.