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This Photo Shoot Arianny Celeste Did For Zoo Mag Will Melt Your Monitor (Pics/Video)

Longtime readers of the Sportess are undoubtedly aware of the soft spot we have around these here parts of the interwebs for one Arianny Celeste. So much so, in fact, we dedicate a weekly feature to the best photos she uploads to the internet (and sometimes, the best photos uploaded by other folks as well) every Friday (see here, here, here and here for a primer). Given that Friday was an off day last week at SoB, we sadly missed out on the photo shoot Miss Celeste recently did for British magazine Zoo. So consider this post a bonus early in the work week.

Entitled “Arianny Celeste: The Ultimate Woman!”, the photos and video from the shoot certainly do not disappoint. Both the gallery and video follow below.

Hummina hummina.

Some tidbits from Miss Celeste’s interview with the British rag to which I feel eternally indebted to now:

So what does the average British bloke have to do to attract a girl who spends all her time with UFC fighters?

You just have to be normal. I like normal, smart guys – honestly! It’s not all about muscles and you don’t need a six-pack to grab my attention. A good sense of humour will do.

How about this? I am neither an average British bloke nor am I lacking in the arts of humour. Does that count for something? No? Huh.

Moving on, when making mention that the Octagon Ring Girl of the Year (three years in a row, mind you), is also somewhat skilled the martial arts as well, Celeste is quoted as saying, “I could kick some serious ass if I wanted to.” I’ll take her word for it.

Now, let that quote soak in for a moment, then proceed to watch the video from the shoot:

There you have it. Not much else needs to be added at this point, other than: sweet sassy molassesy.