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This ‘Alternate Cut’ Of Brendan Shanahan’s Ovechkin Suspension Video Is A Hoot (Video)

As many NHL fans know, since being instituted as the league’s disciplinarian czar, former playing great Brendan Shanahan has instituted a practice of recording video explanations and posting them on as to his reasoning behind what goes into his decisions when he metes out punishment to players. The practice has generally been greeted by the NHL community as a welcome step in providing transparency in the league’s disciplinary process.

And as we folks who travel the tubes are also keenly aware of, any time a video is uploaded, it becomes fodder for parody, and that is exactly what has occurred with Shanahan’s recent submission relating to the three-game suspension he handed down to Washington Capitals star Alexander Ovechkin for his illegal hit on Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Zbynek Michalek during Sunday’s game (video here). It warrants mentioning that as a result of his suspension, Ovie has pulled out of the All-Star Game and his broken-English explanation is worth reading as well.

And given that the “alternate version” of Shanahan’s video is being prominently featured on Washington Capitals-centric blog, Russian Machine Never Breaks, you are correct to assume that the video takes extreme liberties with the perceived intellectual faculties and emotional stability of Mr. Shanahan, especially the segments of the video which are solely devoted to Shanahan’s supposed infatuation with the 1990s teen drama, Dawson’s Creek. It’s really quite amusing, although I am now quite perturbed that the damn theme song from that show has creeped into my consciousness. I don’t want to wait for that song to be over, indeed.