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NBA Players Imitate Dance Moves Depicted In Painting Shown In ‘Good Times’ Closing Credits

The above image from Saturday’s Miami-Philadelphia tilt features Heat forward Chris Bosh and 76ers teammates Andre Iguodala and Nikola Vucevic captured in some awkward poses courtesy of a perfectly timed photograph. SportsGrid refers to the pic as “NBA Dance Party” and argues that it is a frontrunner for photo of they year, something I am inclined to agree with.

But after looking at the photo for a moment or two, there was something about it that evoked a memory for me, a thing I couldn’t quite place my finger on. But then I looked upon Igoudala’s awkward dance-like pose again and it suddenly came to me: you could paint representations of these NBA players into the famous painting, “Sugar Shack” by artist Ernie Barnes, which rose to pop culture prominence courtesy of its inclusion in the closing credits of the classic 1970s sitcom, Good Times, and no one would be any the wiser.

To wit:

Uncanny. Scratching and surviving, indeed. And let’s throw in a “not getting hassled, not getting hustled” reference in there to boot.