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Here’s Carlos Boozer Biting Kris Humphries And Attempting Grabbing His Junk (Pic)

@si_vault, who tweeted the above photo, suggested that the pic provides the perfect opportunity for the insertion of a Kardashian joke, so here goes:

“Whenever Kim Kardashian performed this aggressive act of foreplay during the couple’s short-lived courtship and marriage, Kris instinctively knew he had the green light to pee all over her. Or, given the nature of the perverse act, would it be more accurate to say he was given the yellow light?”

How’s that? Yeah, I suppose there are probably better jokes out there for the taking, but I’d be “relieved” if at least a few of you out there got a chuckle out of it.

Okay, here’s another one:

“While struggling to gain possession of the basketball, Carlos Boozer’s aggressive play instantly conjured up memories for Kris Humphries of one dinner at the Kardashian household when the traumatic experience he had when he tried to grab the last drumstick that Khloe had been hungrily eying.”

Hmmm…a fat joke about Khloe or a golden shower joke about Kim? That’s a toss-up if you ask me.