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Tim Tebow Spotted Whooping It Up* On The Strip In Las Vegas (Photo)

* Note: Tim Tebow’s definition of “whooping it up” may differ greatly from most folks

The intrepid reporting/stalking by the photogs from TMZ has culled this image of Tim Tebow making his way around the Bellagio hotel on Wednesday night. So, what was Tebow up to? Gambling? Drinking? Cavorting with the heathens that pollute Sin City? Causing a ruckus? And if so, could somebody describe the ruckus?

To answer the above questions, of course not. Duh. Tebow, according to the Denver Broncos quarterback’s rep, Mr. Tebow was simply taking in a performance of a Cirque du Soleil show while in town for a Nike photo shoot. His rep added, after being asked by TMZ what Tebow planned to do with his first weekend off in months, that Tebow is “looking forward to going to church.” Of course he is. The rep also mentioned the surprising revelation that water is indeed wet.