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Rob Lowe Told Rich Eisen He Got His Manning Scoop From ‘A Pretty-Darn Good Source’

Finally, some background regarding the tweet heard ’round the Twitterverse yesterday when Rob Lowe literally set the internet on fire with his announcement that he heard Peyton Manning was retiring from the NFL.

Fortunately for us, NFL Network’s Rich Eisen is acquainted with one Rob Lowe and reported Thursday morning that he had just engaged in a brief telephone conversation with the NFL’s newest go-to guy for breaking news and subsequently filed a report on his blog:

At any rate, I asked him if his source on Wednesday’s tweet about Manning’s retirement from the NFL was Jim Irsay (the Twitter-happy Colts owner whose first follow was Lowe) and he said: “Absolutely not. It wasn’t Jim or anyone close to Jim.” Lowe did say he heard Manning would retire imminently from “a pretty-darn good source.”

Lowe said he’s shocked by the attention and wasn’t searching for any. He’s just a fan who, as he always has, tweeted about his Colts and figured he’d “let the professionals see what’s true or not.”

A pretty-darn good source? Who could that be? Ally Sheedy? Anthony Michael Hall? All I know is if Lowe’s intrepid reporting proves correct, I bet a lot of NFL insiders will feel much more like The Outsiders. Get it?

Man, the way in which this story is evolving is a lot like peeling an onion, in that for some strange reason or another, I’m on the verge of tears and have a hankering for some fajitas. Strange.