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Here’s What Taylor Hall’s Face Looks Like After Getting Gashed By A Skate (Pic)

As many of you have likely read about, heard about or even have seen the disturbing video, Oilers left winger Taylor Hall suffered a terrible and extremely frightening injury during the team’s pregame skate on Tuesday before the team took on the Columbus Blue Jackets. After slipping while making a turn, a helmet-less Hall collided with teammate Ladislav Smid and their momentum carried them into the boards and directly into the path of Corey Potter. While trying to avoid his two downed teammates, Potter clipped Hall’s forehead with one of his skates as he attempted to leap over the two.

Amazingly, Hall is on the mend and attached to the above photo uploaded by the Oilers, the young man says, “I’m feeling better. I’d like to thank our trainers & the Columbus medical staff.” Indeed.

Despite the gnarly appearance of the injury — Hall told his mother he thinks he looks “like Frankenstein,” an apt comparison — Hall luckily isn’t experiencing post-concussions symptoms, neither did he suffer a far worse injury, as the potential was there given the nature of what occurred. And given the fact that the injury sustained from Potter’s skate blade opened up a gash that starts above the eyebrow and extends beyond the scalp required 30 stitches to close is really saying something.

Hall’s mother, Kim Strba, told the Edmonton Journal that she and her son have had the discussion and that, “Yes, he will be wearing his helmet” the next time he takes the ice for pregame warmups. A good call. Hopefully, Hall’s NHL brethren learn a valuable lesson from his experiences and also choose to don helmets during pregame skates as well. It’s amazing how quickly things can turn from benign to potentially tragic in a blink of an eye.