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Cuba Gooding, Jr.’s Allen Iverson Impression On SportsCenter Ends Awkwardly (Video)

Cuba Gooding, Jr. made an appearance on SportsCenter Thursday to promote his new film, Red Tails (which Deadspin astutely points out has nothing to do with sports — but Cuba Gooding, Jr. was once in a sports movie, so I guess that counts).

While engaging in some witty banter with Miss Linda Cohn, which included the SportsCenter anchor requesting he do his interpretation of some legendary sports rants (“as an Oscar-winning actor would,” mind you), Cuba busted out a horrible Allen Iverson “We’re talking about practice” impersonation which, according to Cuba, involved putting his hood up (even though Iverson was actually wearing a baseball cap during the infamous tirade). During said impression, Cuba Gooding, Jr. decided that the best way to wrap up his performance was to utter the phrase, “Rock out with your c**k out.” Yeah, it was pretty awkward.

In the end, of all the many roles Cuba Gooding, Jr. has taken on during his illustrious acting career, the decision to say “Rock out with your c**k out” on ESPN was less like Cuba’s turn as the savvy and slick-talking Rod Tidwell in Jerry Macguire and more what you would expect from his character in Radio. For obvious reasons.