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Ryan & Jaylah Are The ‘Knicks Kid Reporters’ And They Are Adorable (Video)

Check out Ryan rocking the killer mohawk as he and his cohort Jaylah “ask the Knicks some tough questions and get the scoop.” And get the scoop they do.

After Jaylah experiences some difficulty getting a handle on the correct pronunciation of “Supercalifragilistic,” the two tiny tyke reporters ask various members of the New York Knicks to spell it, something which none of them are able to do.

Next up for Jaylah and Ryan in their quest for kid-friendly sports journalism is when Jaylah inquires if any Knicks players are willing to sing a Justin Bieber song with her and when one of them answers that he will not, Ryan interjects, “Good call.” Well done, little man.

Later, some Knicks players, after prodding little Jaylah — who insists she does not suffer from the Bieber Fever — to sing some herself, actually join her in a bit of a capella singing of some Bieber song or another.

Like I mentioned above: adorable. It goes without saying that these Knicks Kid Reporters have a future in broadcasting, because let’s face it: they’re no worse than Craig Sager.

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