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Rob Lowe Tweeted That Peyton Manning Is Retiring And I Am Literally Stunned

Yep, that’s all I got. One hackneyed reference to Chris Traeger — the character portrayed to perfection by Rob Lowe on Parks & Recreation — in the headline is all the effort required by me to write this post about Rob Lowe tweeting that Peyton Manning is apparently not returning to the NFL. Yep, that’s it. Well, that and a doing the screencap. I literally put no more effort into it.

But to be perfectly honest, if I am going to learn that Peyton Manning is retiring from the NFL via a tweet from a former Brat Pack member, I’m glad it was Rob Lowe. Much better than that droll Judd Nelson. Plus Judd would just end up hitting you up for money or something. Come to think of it, Judd might not even own a computer. Let that be a lesson to ya.

[Thanks, Deadspin]