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Here’s Toni Reali Going To Town On A Shake Weight During ‘Around The Horn’ (Video)

This amusing yet disturbing clip featuring non-broadcast footage of Around the Horn host Tony Reali casually fraternizing with panelists Bill Plaschke, Woody Paige, Tim Cowlishaw and Michael Smith during a break on Tuesday’s show, all the while frenetically pushing the mute button in between, um, aggressively awkward sets of Shake Weight reps is truly a sight to behold. I mean, Reali is really going to town on that Shake Weight. And to be frank, it’s somewhat uncomfortable to watch, but apparently, this is how Reali prepares himself to what the video summary refers to as “another Day of Judgement on HORN with some of our favorite bad game pickers.”

Enjoy the little-over-a-minute clip below.

My goodness, what in the heck was going on with all the Shake Weight foot play toward the end? Yeesh, Stat Boy.

Disturbing images aside, God bless you, Toni Reali. You are one of the few souls at ESPN who actually make watching The Worldwide Leader in Sports entertaining. Really, without Reali, Kornheiser and Wilbon, nearly the entire cast of on-air talent at ESPN is bereft of honest, natural charisma, save for a few of the “oldish school” SportsCenter anchors like Scott Van Pelt. Everyone else at ESPN just manufactures personality artificially.