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Ball Boy’s Head Nearly Blown Clean Off By Ball During Aussie Open Match (Video)

Hoo boy, that was close. Some might even say that was too close for comfort, one such person being Jim J. Bullock, of course, but that’s another story altogether.

At some point during the first round match between Roger Federer and Alexander Kudryavtsev at the Australian Open, one ball boy should be thanking his lucky stars he still has his faculties about him — not to mention the upper part of his skull — after an errant shot by Kudryavtsev just narrowly misses his cranium before slamming into the side of the umpire’s chair. I mean it was super close to absolutely drilling him. As in so close the speed of the tennis ball probably singed some of the hair atop his head. Yowsers.

But in the end, there was no harm done — although his heart likely skipped a beat or eight — and the ball boy presumably continued on with his ball boy-related duties. Yet, I imagine this kid might have preferred this ball boy’s version of getting an eyeful to the near-miss he was just put through as that tennis ball bore down upon him.

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