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Yamma Hamma, Clay Matthews’ Foot And Ankle Don’t Look Right (Photo)

To add injury to insult — literally — in the wake of the Green Bay Packers’ shocking loss to the New York Giants on Sunday, it looks like linebacker Clay Matthews walked — make that hobbled — off the field with a gnarly injury to his left ankle/foot region, as evidenced by the above photo he uploaded to the interwebs late Monday evening. I’m certainly no doctor — nor do I play one on TV (although sometimes I do pretend I’m a doctor with my stuffed animals) — but hoo boy, that don’t look right. The photo is somewhat reminiscent of the pic that surfaced on the interwebs of Brett Favre’s ankle injury which he suffered in the NFC Championship Game against the Saints a few years back, albeit not quite as gnarly as the disturbing image that was the Ol’ Gunslinger’s bruised and battered leg.

Matthews’ message that he attached to the above gruesome photo depicting the price football players often pay to ply their trade was as follows: “Message to all mothers and those expecting… This is normal right!?”

Maybe I’m missing something here, but that seems to be an odd way to pose a question regarding the relative normalcy of a banged-up ankle and foot. I guess moms do know best, but if I were Clay Matthews, I’d probably ask the team physician or someone with a background in diagnosing pretty nasty foot injuries. Maybe a podiatrist, but as we all know, isn’t like being a real doctor (/hackneyed Seinfeld reference).