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Serena Williams Whines About The Bugs During Night Matches At Aussie Open

Serena Williams, the incredibly gifted tennis champion who just a few weeks ago whined about having to make millions of dollars playing a game, is at it with her whiny ways once again, this time about creepy, crawly insects distracting and giving her the willies during her first-round match against Tamira Paszek on Tuesday at the Australian Open.

Williams handled Pazek with relative ease (6-3, 6-2), but she could not get over the fact that when it’s dark outside, a bunch of lights illuminating the court are going to attract bugs.

Via an AP report:

“I hate bugs more than you can imagine. Like, they kept jumping on me. Yuck!”

Like yuck, totally. Gag me with a spoon and grody to the max and so on and so forth.

Next, Williams let her prima donna flag fly with the following comment:

“I’m going to request not to play at night anymore because I hate bugs, except for the final. I heard it’s at night,” Williams said. “I’ll try to get used to them.”

And finally, illustrating that she just doesn’t get it, added this:

“I don’t let anything bother me,” she said. “It’s definitely different to have the ladies play so late, you know, so we’ll see.”

Okay, fair enough, and while I am sure having bugs buzzing around your head can be a distraction, her opponents are at the same disadvantage, so I don’t see how she should be granted some sort of exemption from the prevailing conditions that everyone competing has to deal with. Further, for someone who claims that she doesn’t let anything bother her as it relates to putting distractions aside in order to compete at the highest level on the court, but she sure likes to whine about how things bother her.