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Okay, Here’s That Pathetic Packers Fan Melting Down After The Team Lost (Video)

It’s all over the internets (the above version of the video comes courtesy of Guyism, where I saw it first), but I would be remiss if I didn’t at least briefly touch upon this sad, sad, drunken display of “Woe is me because my team lost a stinking playoff game and I’m actually stupid enough to blubber about it while my friend records me so they can upload it to the internet to share my pain and completely humiliate me.”

In between snot-soaked sobs of despair, she says something about putting sparkles on her nails, all the while sacrificing any remaining semblance of her dignity due to the fact she is still wearing the ridiculous foam cheese head. One would think that it would occur to her to remove the darn thing and save herself any additional embarrassment. Or, perhaps her friend could have told her to take it off, but that would have made the video less humiliating, which isn’t what friends do to other friends prior to subjecting them to worldwide humiliation. Fail. On both parties.