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This High-Quality Tahitian Surfing Video Is Far Freaking Out, Man (Video)

Awesome. The above vid is of some surfers tackling Teahupo’o, a break off the coast of Tahiti in French Polynesia, where, according to The Chive (who brought us this mesmerizing video), the waves “literally suck water off the reef below, creating a vortex that puts the back of the wave at sea level.” Once again, far out.

Man, if I only had the time and the money to take a trip to Tahiti. And knew how to surf. And wasn’t afraid of the ocean. If all those things would come together, dude, that would be like, totally cool.

(cranks “Tahitian Moon” by Porno for Pyros, sips on nice, refreshing glass of Tahitian Treat)