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Staging An NHL Game On A Baseball Field Apparently Not Good For The Grass (Pic)

Well, that’s certainly an unforeseen development.

It’s hard to argue with the fact that the 2012 NHL Winter Classic — held at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia and featured the Flyers taking on the rival New York Rangers — was an unmitigated success. The game was entertaining, the ballpark looked fantastic and a grand time was had by one and all.

However, once the fans left and the NHL rolled out of town a seemingly difficult task was left behind for the Citizens Bank Park grounds crew and staff, as once the playing surface and other assorted equipment was removed, a disconcerting discovery was made: the playing surface was all beat to hell. I know, crazy.

But as is the case with every grounds crew who works tirelessly ensuring that the fields at every major league ballpark is in pristine condition (I’m not talking about you guys, Toronto and Tampa), I am confident the folks who have made it their life’s work to have the grass at Citizens Bank Park lush, healthy and green in time and well before the Phillies take the field for the 2012 home opener.

[H/T The700Level]