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HS Player Bounces Inbound Pass Off Defender’s Back For Buzzer Beater Win (Video)

With 1.2 seconds remaining and his team down by 1, Diijon Allen-Jordan was standing out of bounds on the baseline under the basket with the basketball in his hands and was lacking options for the inbound play. With his teammates well-guarded and running out of time, Allen-Jordan, a senior for Plainfield (N.J.) High, surveyed the floor and made the one play he had: he bounced the ball off the back of the defender from Elizabeth (N.J.) St. Patrick High School whose assignment was to guard him, caught the ball off the carom and sank a layup for an unbelievable 66-65 victory over a New Jersey powerhouse.

Of course, being the game was on their home court, pandemonium ensued, as fans spilled onto the court to share in the revelry of an incomprehensible victory.

The player of the game summarized the clever play thusly (from, via Prep Rally):

“It just so happened that the guy (Bembry) turned his back to me so I threw it off his back instead of throwing a turnover,” Allen-Jordan told the Newark Star-Ledger. “It wasn’t designed. All of sudden it came to me.

 “It all came down to football, being a quarterback. You got to pick your team up. Being a quarterback, it helps me mentally.”

An incredibly heads up play by the kid. Insert some “Sweet Georgia Brown” for some background music and the video of the play would be complete.