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Breaking News: Millionaire Athlete Leaves Generous Tip At Pancake Establishment (Pic)

Impressive, Chad Ochocinco. Very impressive, indeed. And utterly fascinating to boot. Now, all credit where credit is due: there have been many stories over the years about pro athletes who are notoriously cheap when it comes to tipping, but taking a photo and uploading it to the internet under the false premise that he’s merely satisfying people’s curiosity (he writes, “Just left iHop and many always ask how I tip,I always match the total wherever I dine.”) about his gratuity practices? Kind of hacky if you ask me. Yes, we get it, Ochocinco, you’re super rich and dropping a $20 tip at IHOP isn’t likely to set you back much nor will it create a situation where you won’t be able to fill up your gas tank. But in the end, Ochocinco is by all accounts a pretty decent guy and I’m sure the generous tip made Kimberly’s day, so I suppose it’s all good.

I only wish he would have provided a photo of the bill from his dining experience at the International House of Pancakes to see if he ate pancakes because really, does a person have any other choice but to eat pancakes at a place that is the international house of said breakfast staple?