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Blackhawks Fan Professes Love For Reporter After On-Ice Contest (Video)

Meet Greg. He’s a Chicago Blackhawks fan who had just participated in an on-ice contest during the Blackhawks-Wild game where he attempted to shoot a puck into a narrow crevice in the net for extravagant prizes and arena-wide adulation. Unfortunately for Greg, his bid for glory came up short but in his eyes and heart — as shown at about the 44-second point of the clip — was the opportunity to just stand near to and converse with Blackhawks “sideline” reporter Sarah Kustok. And Greg wasn’t about to let this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity pass him by. Nope.

After a friendly back-and-forth with Miss Kustok about his attempt to score (a goal, that is, the other kind of scoring awkwardly comes next) and whatnot, here’s what Greg had to say about his presumably never-to-be-requited love for the lovely lady holding the microphone:

“I love you Sara. You’re so pretty and beautiful. I love you.”

How romantical. And Kustok was a bit flabbergasted by his on-air pining for her, but it likely is not to be. They were like two Arctic icebreaker ships passing in the night, yet they had just shared a wonderful moment, for all the Comcast Sportsnet viewers to see.

Big ups to Greg for taking a fearless leap in hopes of landing in this crazy thing called love. An inspiration to all the hopeless romantics out there.