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Watch Stephen A. Smith Smash A Ukulele As Skip Bayless Looks On In Horror (Video)

I probably don’t have to point out that the ukulele in question was being used as a musical accompaniment on a song about Tim Tebow prior to its total destruction at the hands of an irate Stephen A. Smith. The fact alone that Skip Bayless makes an appearance in the video provides a 90% likelihood that it’s Tim Tebow-related. Let’s face it: Bayless has some serious issues as it relates to his Tebowmania. Well, on top of the issues he already had prior to Tebow’s ascension to godlike status in Skip’s eyes.

My only issue with Stephen A. Smith’s ukulele smash is why bring it down violently on the stair railing when there was a much more suitable target a mere few feet away? Of course, I am referring to Skip Bayless’ head, not that I would ever advocate anybody assaulting that bloviating blowhard. But for the purposes of this little skit, it sure would have been a hoot to watch. Don’t deny it.

With that said, QUITE FRANKLY, my respect and admiration for SAS has infinitely grown due to the fact he took part in this little bit and the manner in which it perfectly articulates many people’s growing exasperation with the Tebow phenomenon, even if it was all staged.

Oh, and one last thing: CHEEZ DOODLES!!!