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Jaromir Jagr Juggles, Tugs And Knocks His Junk Around On The Bench (Video)

Wow, Jaromir Jagr is really getting after it, isn’t he? It’s like he’s playing an impromptu game of “Outside The Pocket Pool” or something. In Jagr’s mind, he must believe he’s the only person in the arena. Either that or the guy is something of an exhibitionist or flat out just doesn’t give a rip.

Alternatively, I suppose this simply could be the case of extreme jock itch that Jagr could not ignore any longer, not that it makes this crude display any more pleasant to witness. But if so, the dude should pick up some Lotromin or something and get that crap cleared up. The sight of him, uh, doing what he’s doing is very off-putting, to put it mildly And the worst part? He puts the offending hand right near his mouth. Gross.

[H/T The700Level]