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Here’s Kevin Love Boxing Out A Sumo Wrestler Because That’s ‘ESPN Sports Science’ (Video)

Fascinating.  I’m not really sure how this illustrates or explains anything. A 6’10” guy (Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love) who plays professional basketball is able to box out and out-rebound a 6’0″ tall guy who weighs 350 pounds. Yes, I get it: it’s all about mass and force and inertia and angles and hypotenuses and whatnot, but the fact that Love is able to lower his shoulder and withstand the contact after a sumo wrestler comes barreling at him really and snag a rebound really doesn’t tell me much about Love’s rebounding acumen.

How about Kevin Love vs. a Lowland Gorilla or something? Or can Kevin Love box out and a giraffe and snatch a rebound above its head. Or how about he boxes a kangaroo to create floor space under the basket? Now those would be interesting videos, kids, especially the boxing a kangaroo footage. You know, scientifically speaking and such.

But hey, look how the sumo wrestler’s fat jiggles in super slo-mo. That’s solid, in a manner of speaking.