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Greg Jennings Artificially-Inseminated A Cow On Jordy Nelson’s Farm (Pic)

(Photo by Mary Swain)

Now there’s something you don’t see (or as far as the headline is concerned, write) every day. In a wide-ranging article in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel about the close-knit group that comprises the Green Bay Packers receiving corps, one of the more interesting stories spun surrounded an offseason excursion last summer when Brett Swain, Greg Jennings, James Jones and Donald Driver all spent some time on Jordy Nelson’s family farm in Riley County, Kan.

The entire experience turned out to be an interesting one (to put it mildly) for Jennings, Jones and Driver, in particular, with all being more or less city boys. The spouses came along as well and all left with something to remember, including one foray into farming that had to be, um, really something. As told by Jennings:

“That was like checking something off the bucket list,” Jennings said with a laugh. “It was an amazing experience. It was fun to see how Jordy actually lives down there. The wives liked it but they didn’t love it.

“We had a blast acting the fool. We did farming things. We got to see how they artificially inseminate cows. We actually did it. You’ve got to stick your hand in there. It was nice and warm.”

Well, that’s an interesting way to put it, not to mention a positive way to put a spin on the experience.

Here’s an idea: in light of the Packers wide receivers’ newfound knowledge into the ways of the farmer, how about this? Instead of having heaters and manufactured hand warmers on the sideline for the team’s divisional playoff game against the New York Giants on Sunday at Lambeau Field, how about the guys wrangle up a dozen or so Holsteins and a big old box of rubber gloves that go up to the elbow? Forget about all the high-tech stuff. According to Jennings characterization of the experience, that primitive, down-on-the-farm setup would work pretty well. Arms deep, guys!