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Man In Winnipeg Buys Packers Stock, Certificate Reads ‘Green Boy Packers’ (Pic)

As you may recall, the Green Bay Packers’ initial sale of 250,000 stock shares to rubes fans in 2011 went so well that the team initiated another sale to the one that originally opened on Dec. 6. At $250 per share for what all intents and purposes is nothing more than a glorified piece of wall art, one would expect that the Packers organization would at a minimum ensure that the name of the team was spelled correctly on the stock certificate.

Unfortunately, that was not the case for at least one purchaser of said stock. Hot Clicks’ Jimmy Traina received an email from a reader (along with a snapshot) named Arvind who hails from Winnipeg. Arvind got the short end of the stock stick when he received his certificate in the mail. As you can see above, the organization/corporation is referred “Green Boy Packers, Inc.” on his $250 stock certificate. Spelling a team’s name incorrectly? Great googly moogly.

The portion of the email shared by Mr. Traina:

“I just received my Packers certificate. Instead of saying ‘Green Bay Packers, Inc.’, it says ‘Green BOY Packers, Inc.’, all over the certificate. Kind of annoying, kind of hilarious. I wonder if the certificate is worth something now?”

Arvind is absolutely in the right to wonder if the certificate is worth something now. Since the certificate wouldn’t have been worth much more than the paper it was printed on had the name been spelled correctly, one could reasonably  expect that a certificate with a particularly egregious spelling error might generate some interest and raise the value of it in collector’s circles.

To add insult to injury, the Packers scheduled the stock sale in early December to coincide with the holidays, likely assuming many people would buy the stock to give away as a gift to the favorite Packers fan in their life. In fact, the Packers reportedly assured purchasers that they would receive their treasured keepsakes in time for Christmas if they ordered them by a predetermined cutoff date. Given that Arvind claims in his email that he just received his certificate in the mail, perhaps he was one of the “few hundred” stock purchasers who did not receive their certificate by the Dec. 25 date guaranteed by the team if they ordered their stock certificates by a predetermined time. The Packers subsequently blamed the snafu on a computer glitch.

But back to the more humorous aspect of the story: Green Boy? Seriously? I don’t know, perhaps the individual in charge of ensuring the correct spelling of Green Bay on the certificate had something else on his or her mind when reviewing the copy. Who knows? Maybe he or she had vegetables on the brain and was thinking about the Jolly Green Giant. It’s possible. Unlikely, but possible.