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Bad Idea Jeans: Youth Baseball Team Lists Posting On Craigslist Seeking A Catcher

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Hoo boy. Thankfully, the posting has since been taken down — likely due to the unwanted attention it received after Deadspin published a story about it on Tuesday — but even without the negative publicity, how could a person actually arrive at the conclusion that it made any modicum of sense to seek out a power-hitting catcher for a 9-year-old-and-under baseball team by way of a Craigslist listing?

First of all, if I understand what kind of unseemly goods and services that are commonly exchanged on Craigslist correctly, the idea of putting the words “power-hitting” and “catcher” within the same listing — no matter what heading said  listing is posted under nor its context, however innocent it may be — is very likely to elicit the kind of perverse responses nowhere near the kind the person who posted this listing was hoping to receive.

Secondly…well, actually, no additional reasons are necessary to point out that posting this ad had Bad Idea Jeans written all over it from the onset.