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Tim Tebow Gets Crucified (Literally) In Newest Taiwanese Animation Treatment (Video)

Verily, there is nothing like a little bit of understated sacrilege to start off a lazy Tuesday morning, and thanks to NMA World Edition, the image of Tim Tebow getting nailed to a cross, raised up on said cross on the football field while wearing a crown of thorns is the imagery employed to illustrate Tebow’s persecution in the latest delightful Taiwanese Animation Treatment video. Brilliant.

But do not weep for Tebow and his horrible experiences on the old rugged cross, for his soul is strong and he is resurrected, casting off the shackles of his earthly body to become an angel (in Jockey underwear, perhaps?), who proceeds to deliver Christian darts of spheroid glory to Denver Broncos receivers.

After Broncos receiver Demaryius Thomas is delivered to the end zone by Jockey Underwear Angel Tebow and the religious symbolism of Tebow throwing for 316 yards is addressed, the Devil and Jesus are shown playing and controlling the game via some otherworldly, heavenly Xbox console in the ultimate cosmic battle of good vs. evil, when Satan, whose demonic goal of vanquishing Tebow from the NFL playoffs is thwarted (who knew the Pittsburgh Steelers are the Devil’s team?), acts out in disgust by throwing down his Xbox controller while a victorious Jesus is depicted Tebowing.

Finally, we have an angry atheist throwing a copy of Christopher Hitchens’ God is not Great in disgust while NFL brass worship the almighty dollar as cash, courtesy of rampant Tebowmania, rains down upon them. A grand effort.