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There Is Simply No Way This Pastel Tim Tebow Tattoo Is Real, Right? (Photo)

Courtesy of Sports Pickle comes this potentially disturbing image of a tattoo of Tim Tebow Tebowing awash in pastels, which, if it is real, would have to be one of worst examples of Bad Idea Tattoos in recent memory. There have been several examples of people getting ill-advised tattoos paying homage to the Denver Broncos quarterback, but if this is the Real Deal Holyfield, well, it most certainly takes the cake.

There are two things working against the likelihood that this is a real tattoo. For one thing, it was initially uploded to Fail Blog’s Ugliest Tattoos on Nov. 6, and I find it hard to believe this would have gone unnoticed by the blogosphere for this long, and I’m pretty darn certain I would have remembered seeing this abomination somewhere had it been disseminated around the interwebs.

And the second reason that brings into question the authenticity of this purported horrible tattoo? Is it just me, or does it appear that there might be some Photoshop wizardry at play here? I’m no expert in the Photoshop medium, but does it not appear that the tattoo was cleverly placed there via some photo editing software? I can’t put my finger on it, but there’s just something about it that doesn’t jibe which makes it suspect and prevents it from passing the smell test.

Oh, and I suppose there is a third reason to question its legitimacy: what kind of woodhead would get this tattoo? You would have to be clinically insane to get this tattoo permanently etched into your skin, and that’s not even bringing up the the choice of pastels as the predominate color palette, either. Yeesh.