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Haha, Watch This Soccer Analyst Get Drilled In Head By Ball After Errant Kick (Video)

It’s funny because the ball hits him in the head.

While standing pitch-side with his fellow commentators, ex-English soccer player Martin Keown became a part of the action in a manner I’m sure he wished he could have avoided after an errant pass by a Leeds player during warmups prior to Leeds United FA Cup match on Monday drilled him upside the head. Like a guided missile, the ball sought out its target and connected with extreme prejudice.

While appearing a bit shaken, Keown nevertheless shrugged off the shot to the skull and continued on with his analysis.

But perhaps the best part is how The Sun takes the raw footage and performs some amusing edits so it is possible to analyze the ball hitting him in the head akin to how Jim Garrison broke down the Zapruder film in JFK: over and over in slow motion, back and to the left, back and to left. Ha.