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Finally, In Tim Tebow-Related News, The Nuggets Mascot Tebowed Last Night (Pic)

Of course he did. Given the amount of Tebow news on the site today, I really should change the name of this blog to Sportress of Tebowitude. Sheesh.

But I digress. During Monday night’s Denver-New Orleans game at Pepsi Center, beloved Nuggets mascot Rocky the Mountain Lion, perhaps believing that some good fortune was likely to come about courtesy of it, Tebowed at center court while sporting a Tim Tebow Broncos jersey. Brilliant.

Sadly, his impromptu ode to the magic and splendor that is Tebow proved unfruitful, as the Nuggets lost their first home game of the season by a score of 94-81. Sigh.

Obviously, the Tebow phenomenon is going strong and will continue to dominate the sports landscape at least as long as the Broncos remain in the playoffs, but can we put the kibosh on the whole Tebowing bit? It’s so…played. The only way Tebowing could jump the shark even more is if someone actually Tebowed while jumping over a shark. Now there’s a way for Henry Winkler to get back in the national spotlight.

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