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Crimson Tide Fan Proposes To His Gal Seconds After Alabama Wins Title Game (Video)

Well, I guess if there was any time to propose to your girlfriend (and fellow Crimson Tide backer) that would increase the odds of her saying yes, it would be immediately after the two of you just watched your beloved squad defeat and demoralize the LSU Tigers in the BCS National Championship Game by the degrading score of 21-0.

The video is a bit grainy but it’s quite obvious the future Mrs. Crimson Tide Fan (I doubt that’s his real name, but work with me here) is incredibly moved by her beau going down on bended knee to ask for her hand in marriage. Who knows? Maybe they can get Nick Saban to officiate the nuptials. Yeah, probably not — Saban doesn’t strike me as a hopeless romantic who would participate in such a thing, but hey, at least Mr. Crimson Tide Fan’s proposal of marriage went far better than this poor guy’s, which is nice.

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