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Here Are Some More Fanastic Photos And Video From Gina Carano’s Shoot For GQ

Last month here at the Sportress, we made mention via a very brief post of a sultry photo shoot Gina Carano did for an upcoming interview that would grace the pages of GQ, with the above photo as the reason it was something to be looked forward to. It was a good deal and a good time was had by one and all.

The GQ profile mainly focused upon the MMA superstar’s upcoming starring turn in the Steven Soderbergh flick, Haywire, and while I’m no Gene Shalit and not highly skilled with the puns, I’d have to say, “What the hay? You’d be crazy not to go haywire for Haywire!” See, I told I wasn’t good with the puns.

Moving on, the excerpt of the interview available online featured this quote, which is not only provocative, it should also serve as a stern warning, so I thought I’d share it with you:

“The guys I date always want to test my strength and wrestle around,” she says, laughing. “By the end, they’re drenched in sweat.”

Yamma hamma. Well, wouldn’t you know it, while perusing the profile, your Friendly Neighborhood Blogger-Man happened upon some more photos from said sultry photo shoot and even better, a behind-the-scenes video. Everybody happy!

The aforementioned pics and video follow below.

Unlike my use of puns, I often can make a clever quip quite adeptly, so allow me to make this observation about these photos, especially the last one: Mercy.

Okay, take a breath, collect your thoughts, and now enjoy the video:

You’re welcome.