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For $1,250, You Can Own An Official, Space Age Oregon Ducks Helmet

Some enterprising individual who lists his location as McMinnville, Ore. has somehow procured one of those fantastic helmets the Oregon Ducks sported in the Rose Bowl earlier this week. And while the eBay seller insists it is the real deal and not an “authentic” or “replica,” careful reading of the description of the item on eBay reveals that it was not a game-worn piece of headgear:

This is not a “replica” or “Authentic” helmet so do not compare this to anything you may see here. To my knowledge this is the first helmet to get loose from the team. This helmet was one of the original helmets produced and was one of the first helmets used on the practice field with the team on December 19 at the Mo Center. This helmet was not used in the Rose Bowl so do not expect a BCS Rose Bowl sticker on the back. The official Rose Bowl decals were applied once the team arrived in Pasadena.

The helmet is a Riddell Speed size large with the correct bumpers, chin cup, and face mask. The face mask is finished in Chrome and Liquid Metal and is attached with the correct quick release hardware, (no screws like the retail helmet). The chin cup is finished in Chrome to match the wings which you will only see on official “team” helmets. This is a team helmet that was shipped in bulk for the team so there is no retail collectors box nor is there a bar or plate inside.

I don’t know how many of these will get out but I assure you there won’t be many “REAL TEAM” helmets so serious inquiries only. I bet there will be a ton of look a likes coming out soon so watch out!! It will be fun to see what ends up out here!!!

Aw, man. The helmet was only used in practice? Practice? We’re talking about practice here? Practice?

At the same time, it is reasonable to assume that a helmet worn in practice — if at all — would likely be in far superior condition than one used in an actual game. Less scratches, dings and stains from the tears of Wisconsin Badgers players.

But did you notice the size? Large? Working under the assumption that sizes of a particular helmet — in this case, a large — is similar to the relative size a large shirt to an extra large shirt, well my big ol’ melon (lots of brains in that skull case, kids) would ever fit in a large helmet. And what would be the purpose of owning this helmet, while stunning and cool to look at, if you couldn’t wear it to the movies, running errands and ramming your head through the office candy machine? You have to have your priorities in order, people.

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