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Building In New Orleans Will Have Ginormous 3-D Display During The BCS Championship

During the BCS National Championship Game on Jan. 9 between the LSU Tigers and Alabama Crimson Tride at the nearby Superdome, the Entergy building in downtown New Orleans will have a gargantuan display measuring the size of half a football field projected onto its side courtesy of eight high-definition projectors. These projectors will display 3-D images, graphics, a scrolling marquee, real-time scoring updates and much, much more, including displaying messages on Twitter from folks who use a #LSUpower hashtag in their tweets. Far out.

Created by the Solomon Group, the same outfit who designed the new LED lights on the Superdome, the impressive spectacle will also display BCS-related trivia and poll questions. Further, according to a report on, the display, not surprisingly, given the locale, will be “dominated by the LSU gold and purple, including a 12-story banner that — compliments of modern technology — appears to be flapping in the breeze.” Neato.

As you can see in the video fly-through here, the monumental task of pulling this off will apparently come down to, uh,  the efforts of one solitary person standing near the projectors. Nah, it’s just a simulation, you silly people.

Still, Entergy spokesman Alex Schott is extremely excited about the unique concept:

“It’s about the engagement with the audience. If it’s related to LSU or the game itself, or if they want to say hi to their mom and see their Twitter handle up there, I think that would be pretty cool up on a building.”

Cool, indeed. The future of fully-integrated, audience-driven, ginormous 3-D displays projected onto sides of buildings is now, kids. Crazy.