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Yankees Superfan Does ‘Interesting’ Sendup Of LMFAO Song (Video)

Stop and listen up, people: New York Yankees superfan Michael LaPayower, who achieved some semblance of internet notoriety a few years back due to his many submissions in what some might argue to be his desperate attempt to win the “2010 YES Network’s Chevy Fan of the Year” competition is back and this time, he’s gunning for an even bigger prize: the opportunity to be one of the lucky individuals who get to spend a year fraternizing with MLB stars and luminaries in the 2012 edition of the MLB Fan Cave.

If you are one of the unlucky souls who are not yet familiar with LaPayower’s body of work, such as “Big Yankees Fan” (sung to the tune of Katy Perry’s “California Gurls”), for example, Deadspin has an informative rundown showcasing the lad’s considerable, uh, talents.

But in all honesty, all you really need to see  to understand the breadth of his abilities is the above video, where LaPayower struts his stuff in a seemingly endless litany of MLB gear for his audition video for the aforementioned MLB Fan Cave contest. It’s really something. It apparently is a take on the LMFAO ditty, “Sexy And I Know It.” Is it as good as LMFAO’s version? Hard to say, as I am not familiar with that particular group and the stuff that they put out which is now commonly called music. But from what I’ve heard about LMFAO, there’s a good chance that LaPayower might have improved upon the original. Or maybe not. But who cares what I think: what say you, Alex Rodriguez?

My sentiments exactly, A-Rod.

[Grazie, Big League Stew]