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Pro Golfer Ian Poulter Got A Rolls Royce For Christmas From His Wife (Photo)

A brand new Lexus adorned with a ginormous red bow? P’shaw. That’s bush league, man. When you are a world class professional golfer, it’s all about the Rolls Royce, baby.

Just this Thursday morning, English pro golfer Ian Poulter attached the above pic of his brand-spanking-new ultra-luxury British auto to a tweet which read, “My Christmas present from Katie. Loving the Rolls.” Katie, of course, is his wife. Nice. Since I’ll never own a Rolls Royce and have never bothered to research the fine automobile, I have no idea whether Poulter’s new ride is a high-end model or not, but let’s be frank: every Rolls Royce is a high-end model.

Yeah, being a pro golfer with a wife who (presumably) has no problem spending her hubby’s money: it’s a good gig if you can get it.