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Chipotle Circumvents NFL’s Trademark Of Term ‘Super Bowl’ Quite Cleverly (Pic)

As we all know, unless a business obtains the authorized written consent of the National Football League, there ain’t no way the corporate behemoth will allow the use of the term “Super Bowl” as a tie-in to any promotional event or party or as a means to market or sell a particular product.

That is why the above image depicting how Chipotle (mmm…Barbacoa burritos) has cleverly circumvented the persnickety — and some might argue overwrought — way in which the NFL fiercely protects its brand, in particular the Super Bowl. As you can see, Chipotle is not trying to get you to purchase a burrito party box for the Super Bowl. Nope. Instead, you should stock up on burrito party boxes for the “Super Big Internationally Televised Professional Football Bowl Game” which I assume is a sporting event completely unrelated to that annual football game on a Sunday every February that is differentiated from the ones that preceded it by the use of Roman numerals. You know the one.

Of course, I am referring to the Puppy Bowl VIII. What game did you think I was referring to?

[via @patkiernan, by way of Sports Grid (again)]