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Hey Look, Ricky Rubio Gets His Hair Cut, Too, Just Like Regular Folks! (Photo)

Ricky Rubio’s long-awaited debut with the Minnesota Timberwolves has been everything a T-Wolves fan hoped it would be: the kid is dynamic, charismatic, exciting to watch and as a bonus, is knocking down shots with much better accuracy than the reputation which preceded him would have had fans expect, all the while putting up decent numbers despite coming off the bench on a team that is a surprising 2-3.

But as you can see by the above photo tweeted by teammate Kevin Love, Ricky Rubio gets his haircut just like the rest of us. Except, once his hair is cut, he drops dimes like few others, sometimes through opposing player’s legs.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go get my hair cut myself. I think I’ll ask for “The Rubio.” I wonder if the barber will know what I’m talking about. I suppose saying “Mop Top with a Finish That Makes Me Look Like I Combed My Hair With A Caramel Apple” would work as an alternative.