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Here’s What Giants Fans Will Be Waving Around Like Rubes At Team’s Playoff Game

New York Giants Senior Vice President of Communications Pat Hanlon tweeted the above image on Wednesday to announce that these are the towels Giants fans will be waving  to and fro during the team’s home playoff game this weekend against the Atlanta Falcons at MetLife Stadium. As you can see (above the Toyota logo), the main message set forth by the towel is that the team (and the fans) are “All In” for the game, which is far better than “Kinda In (But Not Sure So Let’s Wait And See How The First Half Plays Out),” as the chosen message more adequately articulates the spirit of unity and support the Giants organization was probably looking for, not to mention that the alternative would have caused the words on the towel to be incredibly tiny and hard to read.

I hate to be a nattering nabob of negativity, but is it just me, or is this “rally towel” phenomenon more than a little played out? Exactly what are teams hoping to accomplish by arming fans with a square piece of cloth? Do they really believe that opposing players, upon witnessing 60,000 fans idiotically waving a towel, will cower in fear, give up and call it a day? “You know, I was ready to beat these guys, but do you see their fans with all the towels? Talk about intimidating.”

I’m not just referring to latecomers to the practice, either: Pittsburgh’s “Terrible Towel” is just as annoying. “Ooh, they’re not just towels, they’re terrible towels. The kind of linen that not only would be abrasive, they wouldn’t absorb well and then if that wasn’t bad enough, they would mock and ridicule you while you stood there dripping wet.”

And just so you know, this mini-rant against the ridiculous act of waving rally towels is coming from a Minnesotan who has fond memories of the Metrodome being awash in a sea of wildly flailed Homer Hankies. Even I look back now and think how silly it all looked.