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Mark Cuban: NBA Is ‘Stupid’ For Not Scheduling Mavs A Road Game In D.C.

It looks like Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is back to his usual acerbic self, as evidenced by his tirade about how the NBA ignored the need for the team to have a road game scheduled against the Washington Wizards this season to better accommodate the customary tradition of the NBA champions meeting with the President to celebrate their title.

Instead of scheduling the presidential visit to coincide with a time the time is already in D.C., the Mavericks will instead sandwich their stop at the White House on Jan. 9, before a two-game road trip beginning on Jan. 10 that has Dallas playing in Detroit than Boston, and Cuban isn’t happy at all about it. In fact, Cuban went so far as to refer to whoever was behind the gaffe as “dumbasses.”

Via The Dallas Morning News:

“Either the league was stupid, dumb-asses or something worse for not putting that together. That’s just ridiculous. All you got to do is, when you’re putting in the scheduling software, say ‘Dallas at Washington, yes.’ It’s not that hard. It’s only happened every single year. Even with the lockout schedule, it’s not that hard.”

Fair enough. But in this strike-shortened season, the schedule was already something of a mess and attempting to coordinate all the NBA teams and their respective scheduling issues with arenas holding other events and whatnot was probably a monumental undertaking. Still, Cuban will never feel afraid to air grievances even if he really has no right to have a legitimate beef with those putting in the scheduling software, as he put it. But Cuban should realize, in spite of how wronged he feels, that there’s another thing that’s not that hard: flying a team on a chartered flight to D.C. for a quick visit with the President before jetting out on another chartered flight for a game more than 24 hours later. Perhaps the egocentric Cuban should have been more patient and not succumbed to the temptation to whine so vehemently about a perceived slight, given how minor the slight.