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Heat Fan Seated Next To Obnoxious Fan Records Histrionics To Document His Misery (Audio)

Jason Feifer, a Miami Heat fan who goes by @heyfeifer on Twitter, had a miserable experience many of us have had ourselves when he was seated next to an extremely obnoxious fan while attending a pro sports event. In his case, it was the Miami Heat home opener on Dec. 27. Attending the game with his old man, Feifer was subjected to over-the-top exclamations of a petite woman wearing bright lipstick and a sparkly Heat shirt. Little did Feifer and his father know at the onset of the game was how profoundly irritating this woman would end up being.

Throughout the game, their fellow fan annoyed them with her hoots and hollers. Being a resourceful fellow, Feifer recorded her histrionics on his iPhone just so he could share his miserable experience with others.

Some samples follow below.

Via Deadspin:

Holditdownforyourteam by Deadspin

Omg right sit down by Deadspin

Omg holding down by Deadspin

Good lord. Just those three samples alone provide more than sufficient evidence that this was a painfully unpleasant ordeal. And that’s not all: Feifer subsequently created a soundboard featuring several annoying examples of his fellow Heat fan’s pervasive commentary during the game. It’s a pleasant diversion to sample the many exclamations. Definitely much more pleasant than actually having to experience it firsthand.

Well done, Mr. Feifer. You have been through a lot. Thanks for your perseverance and will to relive that harrowing ordeal.