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Terrell Suggs On Winning Defensive Player Of The Year Award: It’s ‘In Tebow’s Hands’

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs – who is about as consistent with delivering money quotes as any player in the NFL — might have come up with the zinger of the year when fielding questions from the Baltimore Ravens regarding his outside shot of winning the NFL Defensive Player of the Year award (via NFL Nation):

“I pretty much will leave it in God’s hands, leave it in Tebow’s hands,” he said, which drew laughter from the Baltimore media.

Awesome. Sure, Suggs’ stats speak for themselves, and while not as gaudy as other defensive players in the league (64 combined tackles, 13 sacks, 2 picks and 6 forced fumbles), they are more than solid and should warrant consideration. Still, with that in mind, and I’m not entirely sure how these things go and whether or not it would even help, it probably wouldn’t hurt his cause for Suggs to do a little Tebowing as he awaits the outcome of the voting. Couldn’t hurt, right?