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Jerry Jones Spanks Romo, Breathes Fire On Midget Garrett In Taiwanese Animation Vid

The folks at NMA World Edition have submitted at least one last sports-themed news report for 2011, a year in which their amusing (and frankly, pretty darn informative) Taiwanese animation reports took the sports world by storm.

Their latest installment breaks down the upcoming game between the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants, which as you well know, is for all the marbles, with the winner securing the NFC East title and a playoff spot while the loser shuts it down for the season.

The most compelling images from the video has to be when Jerry Jones slides down a fire pole from his owner’s box and proceeds to spank quarterback Tony Romo and breathe fire on a head coach Jason Garrett, who is a midget. Good stuff. Also, the depiction of Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snider as a baby ain’t bad, either.  Also, Michael Vick is seen flying on the back of a huge eagle reminiscent of Gwaihir from Lord of the Rings as he gets shot down by players from the Arizona Cardinals, Chicago Bears and Buffalo Bills. All in all, a pretty solid effort.