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Check Out Russell Westbrook’s Nike Air Jordan Roller Skates (Photo)

Well, those are certainly groovy. Via Jordans Daily (by way of Pro Basketball Talk) comes this photo of Oklahoma Thunder guard Russell Westbrook proudly (I think, he actually looks kind of angry) displaying his killer roller skates which are nothing more than a pair of Air Jordan III “True Blue” sneakers custom-fitted with wheels. Far out. And here I thought the kids weren’t into roller skating anymore and the anxiety-ridden ritual of nervously waiting for someone to ask you to skate during the “Snowball” at the local roller rink were adolescent relics of a bygone era.

Whatever the case may be, if Westbrook ever decided to hit up an Oklahoma City roller rink, his custom skates would surely be a hit. In fact, I wonder if the altercation between Westbrook and teammate Kevin Durant on Wednesday night might have been precipitated by Durant’s petty jealousy of Westbrook’s ownership of these fancy roller skates. Hey, stranger things have caused bitter feuds, am I right?